CHH Facts

  • We provide 24/7 delivery and pickup.
  • We service oversize loads from 6 - 10 axles.
  • We provide company owned pilot car service.
  • We provide all permits from state to state.


Thanks for visiting our website, hopefully we can answer some questions you might have about Coastal Heavy Haulers and or questions in general about our services. If you need further assistance please call us at 337-232-9241 or you can email us at


Question: How many days notice do we need to give you for pickup?


While we always appreciate as much notice as possible, you call us when you need us. We would also request that you allow us at least a two-hour window for the pick up. If you have to call us last minute, we will of course do our best to get your shipment.


Question: How do i get information about my shipment?


You can call or email CHH Transport at any time for prompt information about a particular shipment, including its current delivery status and location. If you ship in volume we can supply daily reports for you as well.


Question: How do i call for more information about a specific service or product?


CHH Transport customer care specialists are well informed about the wide array of products and services we offer and are happy to help determine how we can best serve you.


Question: How do i call if my shipment needs special handling?


CHH Transport is capable of handling almost any size, shape, or density of freight. If your freight requires special consideration, call us prior to the pick up so that we can plan ahead to ensure your needs are met.


Question: Can i schedule the exact time and day for my shipment to be delivered?


Yes. We can provide dedicated and/or exclusive use service to meet your deadlines & requirements. Other features include service outside of regular business hours and on Saturdays. Contact CHH Transport at 1-239-945-1200 to discuss your needs with one of our experienced representatives.


Question: How do i pay if i only need a one-time shipment?


You can pay for your shipment with 30 day statement, Visa or MasterCard or you can wire the funds directly into our bank account upon confirmation of pickup.


Question: Does CHH Transport service points between Canada & the U.S.?


We have many shipments that move between the US and Canada. And although we offer truckload services one of our specialties is crossborder LTL trucking.


Question: Does CHH Transport offer expedited shipping services?


Yes. We regularly provide expedited shipping and dedicated time-critical services. We will quickly assess your needs and provide you with a time commitment based on your particular situation. We can provide team service, exclusive use, weekend pick up and delivery, same day service and overnight shipping when feasible.


Question: Can CHH Transport provide flatbed trucks for my oversized shipments?


Yes. CHH Transporthas access to virtually all kinds of flatbed trucks – from standard "flats" to stepdecks, low-drop lowboys to heavy haul units and other specialized equipment. As a freight broker, we work closely with many great flatbed companies giving us a lot of availability. You can find more comprehensive information about our flatbed trucking services by looking under our freight services menu above.


Question: Are all types of flatbed trucks available all the time?


The more specialized equipment you require, especially if heavy hauling is involved, the fewer units there are available; so it's always advisable to consult with us on your specific needs.


Question: Does CHH transport hazardous materials?


CHH transports all classes/divisions of hazardous materials except high-level explosives in divisions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, highway route controlled quantities of radioactive materials and hazardous waste. Many of our CHH Transport Certified partners have a long history with the handling and distribution of chemical products. CHH Transport does not accept hazardous materials or dangerous goods for air transportation.


Question: How do I set up an account and start shipping with CHH Transport?


If this is the first time you have used CHH Transport, it is best to set up an account. You can do that by simply calling our Customer Care team. Call us at: 1-201-892-4759. An online credit application is available and we also accept Visa and MasterCard.


Question: Do I need a certain size, weight, or container amount to use CHH Transport?


You can call us to handle one shipment or over a 100. We handle just about everything out there.


Question: Can I schedule my shipment and have it picked up the same day?


Carriers require a four hour pickup window and usually pick up in the morning and deliver in the afternoon. Sometimes we can arrange same day pick up, however it is not guaranteed. Please contact us to discuss your pickup needs.


Question: What types of pricing programs does CHH Transport offer?


We will tailor a pricing package that best meets your needs. Whether your rates are formatted based on weight (per cwt), footage or on a spot basis, the bottom line is what matters most, to our clients. Our pricing packages are designed to be simple without a lot of hidden charges attached.


Question: What are the accepted payment types at CHH Transport?


We accept most regular payment methods.

(337) 232-9241