Coastal Heavy Haulers is a reliable resource and trusted partner for Doggett Machinery and Doggett Rental Service.  With timely service, fair rates and transparent invoicing, Stonie and his team provide our customers and our business with a high level of professional service that we count on.

~Matt Drury~
Rental Branch Manager
Baton Rouge

Freight Brokerage

When you need reliable Trucking services the most, you can depend on Coastal Heavy Haulers. We have developed hundreds of realtionships with reputable trucking companies that will provide great cusomter service and on time delivery. We do not accept failure and we strive to be on time, safe and damage free.

We bring years of knowledge and expertise in the Freight Brokerage arena, we are licensed and insured and when you choose our brokerage services, you know you will be getting a competitive price, realiable services and on time delivery each and every time. We work with our customers closely to find the best rate, a timely delivery and a safe transport from start to finish. We make sure that our relationships with our partners are on the best terms to ensure a better experience for our customers. Our staff will help you to determine the services, equipment, scheduling and routing needed for the transport. CHH will also provide all the necessary paperwork and tracking needed for your delivery.

If you need more information on our Brokerage services, please don't hestitate to call us at (337) 232-9241.

(337) 232-9241